November 10, 2011

five for thursday

:: Watched the part of the Country Music Awards that we missed last night. Loved Taylor Swift's performance!! Have never heard that song, and really like it. "Life makes love look hard". Some great one liners in there. And how is it possible that Carrie Underwood just glows with life and love and happiness? And those dang legs!!!

:: I am thankful for my friend Kim and the support she gives to me. And her compassionate, listening ear...

:: My PTS Dronda sent me a World Series Champion tshirt!!! That was so thoughtful of her, as I am quite positive there would not be one of those found anywhere here in Texas! :) As the sole supporter of the Cards for the World Series, I will cherish this shirt!!!

:: Left work a little early today so I could take Ocho to renew his rabies shot. It was nice to leave at 4:45 instead of 5:45!!

:: This morning, I woke up at 5:00 on the dot and was wide awake. So random and weird. I never sleep poorly, and never wake up before my alarm. Hopefully that won't happen again tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Wear it proudly!

11 in '11!
Happy Flight!
& all the other sayings of RED OCTOBER! If you believe it, it will happen ~ GO CARDS!


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