November 09, 2011

touching base

:: Country Music Awards this evening! I missed a lot of it, but it's recorded. Can't wait to watch! Did see my fave Sugarland win Best Duo, and was thrilled! And saw Jennifer Nettles sing with that guy...really liked that song, but who was he??? I missed them announcing him.

:: Very busy day at work...and VIPs touring the building tomorrow. On and on we go...

:: Had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and biscuits for dinner tonight. It was pretty tasty.

:: Mimi came home from the hospital today!!!! She is feeling weak after laying in a hospital bed for a week, but she is happy to be home. Poppy didn't know who she was at first...we think she has memory problems! But she remembers now! We are happy she's home...

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