November 08, 2011


:: Well, Poppy had four meals without being sick afterwards...but then was sick after dinner tonight. She's on the mend, but not quite there yet.

:: Mimi is still trucking at the hospital...her doctor hadn't been in yet when we visited after work, so we'll see what he tells her today. Hopefully her levels are down even more. Still not sure when she'll be coming home, and there was rumor that she might have to have oxygen at the house, like she did a few years ago.

:: We had our benefits meeting at work today, and they discussed all the supplemental insurances and coverages you can get. It's all so confusing!! It's hard to know what to get, or what amount. It's hard being a grown up.

:: I'm working on a "manual" at work, and was able to make some good progress on it today. A good start, anyway.

:: I'm about to paint my nail gray and then lay on the couch with Poppy, wrapped in our big fuzzy blanket. Then I think it's time to call it a day! Tired so early, with this time change. But sure am loving it in the mornings!

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