December 04, 2011

back to reality

:: Ahhhhh...I really enjoyed all my time off work! Three days off work, plus two weekend days...five days total, and that works for me! :) I Christmas shopped, wrapped gifts, decorated the house, slept late, watched lots of Friends, and scrapbooked. That's my idea of perfect!

:: I am feeling better. The sickness is gone, just left with the snotty aftermath now.

:: Saturday, we did our 7th annual photo shoot with the Halfmann family! We got some cute shots, and I hope they were happy with theirs. I designed our Christmas card, and we had a number of photos to choose from this year. Just sent the file off to be printed, so am looking forward to getting those delivered so I can get these in the mail.

:: Busy busy week ahead. Tuesday and Wednesday, Chris and I are attending a management meeting/growth event. All the middle management in our company is having their first event, and I'm not sure what it will entail. I am hoping it will be fun and empowering!

:: Time to unwind and read a magazine...hope you had a great weekend!!

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