December 01, 2011

vacation day #2 of 3

:: Another good day off work!

:: Woke up around 9:30...thank you to both of my sweet pups for letting me sleep so soundly!

:: Breakfast and a cup of hot tea...then did a little tooling around on the internet for gifts.

:: Had lunch with Chris...

:: Started round two of Christmas shopping...hit quite a few stores and got a lot accomplished. Have a few more things to figure out, but mostly done now.

:: Ran out of steam at 4:00...I'm feeling slightly better, but still not 100%.

:: Buttermilk chicken nuggets, greenbeans and mashed potatoes for dinner...

:: Now it's time to lay on the couch and read my book...need to rest. I'm feeling worn out! I'm reading "The Island" and it's pretty good. Bought it for Aspen, and now that she's done with it, I've started it. I'm about halfway through. It's been a good story about women...mothers, daughters, sisters.

:: Tomorrow....I scrapbook! Got in the photos today from the scrapbook-for-hire I am doing. No excuse not to get to work now!!!

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