November 30, 2011

vacation day #1 of 3

:: Today began my three day stint of vacation days off work!

:: I'm feeling a bit sickly (sore throat, congestion) so I slept in a little this morning...Ocho snuggled down under the covers with me, and Poppy was patient...then breakfast, a nice hot bath, and lunch with my hubby.

:: From there, I headed out to begin our Christmas shopping! I chugged some Day Quil and felt pretty good until about 4:00. I was able to put a dent in our list, so I felt productive.

:: I tried a new recipe for dinner that I found on Pinterest...Pinterest, by the way, is a pretty cool site. I started my boards there, check them out here if you are interested! Careful, it is easy to become addicted!! When you go there, you'll see ten different "boards"...just click on the one you want to browse through. The recipe was for Taco Pizza...crescent roll crust, then piled with taco toppings...

:: Tomorrow I am planning another round of Christmas shopping...

:: Friday, I am planning to stay home and maybe do some scrapbooking...whatever I end up doing, I'll be relaxing in my pjs! :)

:: Hard to believe that tomorrow is December. Where has this year gone to???

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Anonymous said...

How I wish we were closer - I'm off too and we could be shopping together! Pinterest - funny a friend at work just mentioned that yesterday - can see how you could get hooked! Enjoy your time off! PTS

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