November 28, 2011

landscaping fun!

Our landscaping is in full swing now, and it is so fun to see!!

Today, they came and planted 5 big trees, and dug the trenches for the sprinkler system. Progress progress!!

Below is the "plan" of what we are having done; first photo is the back of the house, second photo is the front of the house:

Five big trees in front, with two hilly berms. Lots of landscaping along the house. In the back, we are pouring an extended patio with a stone seating wall, and will have landscaping back there too. The round thing is a water feature! It's going to look so nice. It already looks so much better, just having the trees out there!

In other news...think I have caught a cold. My throat is sore and I am very sneezy, with that general ick feeling. Trying to keep it at bay...

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