December 19, 2011

busy life

:: Today was good! Though I did have to wake up and go to work while Chris slept and started his week vacation!! :( That is never fun!

:: I gave out three of my six reviews today and think they went very well! I am looking forward to the other three tomorrow. I have such a great team!! I also received my review today and it was good!!

:: Wednesday I will be traveling to MN for a day trip...a meeting and then back. Should be interesting, and will be a long day. But then I am off on Thursday and Friday!!

:: Received a cute rice krispie treat in the shape of a wreath was green and had red hots for ornaments. It was yum!

:: Kim and I had lunch today, for Christmas! It was nice to sit and visit with her. We exchanged gifts and enjoyed a nice lunch at Subway. She gave me a donkey calendar! It is the cutest thing ever!!! Twelve months of sweet donkeys, what could be better? :) She also gave me a beautiful WE says WE in big black wooden letters and in smaller letters, in white, "are blessed". Ain't that the truth?

:: Can't believe it is the week of Christmas! It's quite insane how fast the year has flown by.

:: I think it's time for a little Just Dance!! Need to sweat a bit. And have some fun!! :)

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