December 17, 2011

2011 company party

Our end-of-year company party was Thursday, December 15. It was a great time!

They switched things up a little this year...we typically have our event at the Civic Center, because it is one of the only places in town large enough to hold 250 people. They decided to try a new place, so we had it at the T&P Depot building. The theme was "House of Blues", and they converted the place into a "blues bar" designer created large, fabulous banners to hang on the walls, and the high school theater department created backdrops to hang around. It turned out pretty swanky!!

The dress was open ended...we could do anything from a 20s look, to a blues cool look, to after 5:00 cocktail. There were even people there in jeans. Everyone looked so good, especially those who dressed in 20s attire! Fun!!

Chris and I...Chris had a fedora to wear, but chickened out at the last minute :) He still looked sharp though. I wore a black dress with long pearls, and my black/white flapper shoes. The photo here doesn't show those, but hopefully the professional shot will. That will come later!

Our CEO traveled to Nashville recently for a conference (my Chris went as well) and while there, they went to BB Kings blues bar. The Stacy Mitchart band was playing, and our CEO loved them. Enough to hire them to play at our party!! Our jet flew out to pick them up, and they came to little ole Abilene to play for us for the evening. They rocked it!!! This is Stacy, below...

A shot of one of the big banners...

My marketing girls...minus Kathy, she was MIA! This is Allison, Jyl, Susie, Vanessa, and Heather! They make work fun!

This is Chris with the two girls under his supervision at work :) They are funny girls! Anna is on the left, they hired her from Washington and she moved here. Lara is on the right. They have really livened up the department!

Me and my Kim!!

Found Kathy!!

They did awards, and then the band started. There was a lot of dancing, such fun! The food was pretty good. They did southern comfort foods like ribs, potato salad, beans, greens, and cobbler. And open bar of course!! Which leads to all sorts of fun...always!!

A great party to end a great year!! I love working for our company! We are so blessed!!!

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