December 14, 2011

looking forward

:: Very excited for Thursday!! We will have our company-wide meeting at Beltway church...we're wearing our workout clothes too! First, we'll talk about the Happiness Advantage (?) and then we'll have discussions at our table. I am a table boss was supposed to be one, but he will be busy running the meeting, so he asked me to fill in. Should be interesting! Then we'll do a 45 minute workout together, and then the pastor from Beltway (a close personal friend of our CEO) will close it out with an hour long discussion. We'll have breakfast and lunch there too. It will be a great day, can't wait! These times together are always so motivational and really get me ready to face the new year with changes I want to make. After the meeting and lunch, we'll head back to work for a few hours. We'll debrief by department, and then catch up on any work. And then...

:: It's off to the Christmas party!! New location, new format, fun dress...looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Should be a great evening!!

:: This time of year makes me start looking back at the goals I set for myself this time last year. I took a brief look earlier today and was not pleased with what I saw. I will do an in depth run down (as is my nature) here in the next few weeks. Self reflection is good. I will say now that I was not very successful with my goals for this year. Time to also start thinking about what my goals will be for 2012.

:: I am a Just Dance fool...I could do it for hours! I keep saying "One more song!" It's quite addictive. Anyone want to have a Just Dance party?? Come on over!!!

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