December 13, 2011

two new

This evening, I wanted to share two new things with you!

I bought this fancy nail polish for the's beautiful! It's called Lady Luck...the red is a bit darker than it shows here, but it is full of gorgeous glitter. I found the finish a bit dull so had to add a clear top coat...but now I love it!

I was really, really wanting to wear my black and white shoes to the party on Thursday, but just could not walk in them. Though they fit fine, my heel slipped out with each step and left me walking like a lumberjack :) Chris was talking with his two female employees yesterday, and one mentioned using Dr. Scholl's heel liners. I asked her about them today, and she claimed that they worked great on shoes where her heel slips. So, I figured it was worth a try! I headed to Walgreens after work, and purchased these:

Amazing stuff!!!!! Holds the shoe right in place and no more slipping! Don't know why I never thought of this. I haven't had many heel slipping incidents, but have used other gel products from their line. So....I get to wear these shoes to the party, yay!!!

I always like to share products I like, so you can benefit from them too!! Have you tried anything great lately???

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