December 12, 2011

15 random things

1. I like my paper towels and napkins to be silly patterns, please.
2. My fingertips crack severely in the winter, just like my Grandpa O's.
3. I have never, ever, ever, ever wanted a baby.
4. I walk better in 3" high heels than I do barefoot.
5. I look ridiculous in anything that has a belt.
6. I have a chicken pox scar on my neck.
7. I once stabbed myself in the thigh with an Xacto knife (accidentally).
8. I am good at a lot of things, but not great at any of them.
9. I could never own enough bags/purses.
10. I love being really cold while I sleep, so I can pile on the blankets.
11. I love a great book that leaves you wanting more after the last page.
12. I love symmetry and consistency.
13. The more glitter something has, the better!!
14. If I wasn't doing my current job, I would want to be a photographer.
15. A good drink of pickle juice every now and then never hurt anyone.


Tell me a few of your random things...I'd love to hear them!!

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Anonymous said...

Pickle juice - really!?! Must be an accquired taste. Now a good dill pickle I can handle, just not in juice form!

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