December 11, 2011

landscaping pics

We had a good weekend here...lots going on!

:: Friday, we had a lovely dinner at Casa with Neeley...and then looked around at a few shops before heading home. We bought another Just Dance Wii game and came home and danced a bit :)

:: Saturday, we went to a wedding for a coworker. She is near retirement age, and they have been dating for 9 years. They finally tied the knot and it was good to see. From there, we spent some time at Lowes...Chris and Neeley bought the necessary materials for doing electricity on the patio out back. Then I spent a few hours at Kim's house, showing her how to use their Photoshop Elements program and helped them work on their Christmas card. And our new washer and dryer were delivered!!! Yippie!!! For dinner, Chris and I tried the new Pizza Inn...we thought it was just okay.

::, grocery shopping, made treats for Chris' department for Christmas, and did a little taste test...I found a different recipe for pumpkin pie, so made one today. There were some different ingredients, and I wanted to see how it tasted in comparison. I didn't taste much difference, but it seemed fluffier. I'm not a big pumpkin pie fan, and still can't say that I am! But, Chris is debating on which one he liked better...

Wanted to share some photos of our new landscaping!! The only thing lacking in the front now is our grass! I think they are spraying that on this week. Take a look:

The full front view...lots of beds in front, with trees, scrubs, grasses, and rose bushes.

View from the driveway...

View from the left side...

It will be so pretty once it grows in and begins to mature. But it has changed the whole look of the house and we love it!!!

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