December 08, 2011

hi there

:: For the past two days at work, we have been in a management training session...first one ever! It was actually time very well spent and I feel like I learned a lot. I took a lot away from the session and hope to become familiar with using a lot of the principles we learned. We learned about the corporate "university" they are about to open for us to have continued education in a number of areas for professional and personal growth; we learned tips for doing employee reviews, which we'll be doing in the next few weeks; and we learned a full days worth about "coaching" employees to be better. All good stuff!!

:: It was good to be back at work today, and a full day it was. Lots to catch up on after being gone for two days, and good to see my people. They always miss me when I'm gone :) I also wore my new dress today and really loved it! Got lots of compliments. I wore it with my black suit coat, black tights, and tall black boots.

:: Our Christmas cards and envelopes have arrived!! Will work on addressing those in the next few days and then into the mail they go :) I really am excited for how they turned out, pleased!We have received our first card of the year, from the Swearingens...looking forward to all the rest! I LOVE getting Christmas's a highlight of my year!! If anyone needs our new address, just let me know and I'll email it to you. I would hate to miss out on your card!!! :) If you've moved, I need yours too!!

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