December 06, 2011

xmas feeling

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house! It's all decorated up! I feel that with the bigger house, we may need to invest in a few grand decorations...ours currently feel a little small. But, they are still pretty and works for year #1 in our new house!

Our tree...we have a courtyard in front of the house, with two windows looking out on it. One is from the living room, and the tree is in front of that window. Looks very nice. The tree seems a bit short though, because our ceilings are so high. But, it is cozy and it is ours...

Our entryway is decked out with garland! Chris worked this up. Garland on the columns and draping between with mistletoe. Very pretty! Might add a few ribbons here and there or something, to add pizazz.

We would really like a 3ft greenery wreath for over the front doors...that is a very grand area with a 18ft tower. I don't know the first thing about making a wreath though. But I know someone special who does!!!

And our mantle, with stockings and garland. Need a stocking for Poppy, with a doggy look like Ocho's, but seems our stockings hang from the wrong direction?? All the ones we are finding hang from the left corner, and ours hang from the right???? Weird.

In other pink flapper dress arrived today for the party...but it is a TENT. It is huge on me. No way can I wear it. Will see if anyone at work can fit it, and if not will have to send it back. I've looked online and don't think I have time to get anything else in before the party without paying outrageous shipping. Dang it!!! I do have a dress I wore a few years back, that has a 20s vibe...a dropped waistline, sequins, etc. I may resort to wearing that. Hopefully the black/white heels fit, and I can wear those with it. Dang!!!!

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