January 26, 2012

almost friday

: Today was a very busy day...Chris and I had manager training from 9:00 - 1:00. It was such a great session! We learned more about the Happiness Advantage, and how to motivate our team. Learned some good things that can definitely be used. Had lunch together and talked about successes. It was time well spent.

:: Of course, when I got back to my office I had a ton of emails to work through. Tomorrow is my last work day before being gone for a week, so I have to finish up a handful of things.

:: Made a delicious recipe that I found on Pinterest! It was slices of baked potatoes, with cheese and bacon and green onion on top.  Very very tasty. Will be making this often. If you look at my pinterest recipe board, you can find the recipe there. Pinterest has a lot of yummy looking recipes...though most that I post are desserts :)

:: I'm in a much better frame of mind today. Yesterday was just one of those days...

:: Today I wore my donkey necklace! My girl Allison made me an adorable necklace with pink and green beads...and a silver donkey charm :) It's a little crazy, but I wanted to at least wear it once. She gave me a different charm to switch it out with, a little nest of silver with green beads nestled on top. Very cute. Love my pink and green!

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