January 29, 2012

weekend...then ohio

:: Our weekend was pretty good here! Friday evening, we had dinner at Casa...yum! Then shopped around at Target for a bit. I had a $10 gift card from bunko, so I bought a new Jodi Picoult book. Love her! Will read that when I am done with "Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close"...which is pretty good by the way! I will definitely want to see the movie once I'm done reading.

:: Saturday, Aspen had her first driving lesson with A-Ok Driving School...she was supposed to drive for an hour and then observe the other student driver for an hour. Except her partner didn't show up, so she was able to drive for two hours. So, she completed two driving lessons. Now needs to complete two observation lessons. She had a great lesson and seemed to learn a lot and get much more comfortable. Saturday, our slab was also finished up for the garage/shop. So Chris and Neeley will be able to begin building any time they are ready. That will be an experience!!! That evening, Chris and I enjoyed a date night together!! Aspen had given us a gift card to the movies for Christmas, so we used that to go see The Grey. Definitely Chris' pick, and though it was a decent film, it didn't have quite the uplifiting ending. To me, what's the point if you can't leave the theater with a smile and a warm heart??? Afterwards, we enjoyed a late dinner at Jimmy Johns...our first time there. It opened here in town not too long ago, and we thought it was pretty tasty.

:: Sunday, after church, we attended the annual church meeting to be updated on the status of the church. You could take either a casserole or a dessert, and I took a new yummy dessert from Pinterest!! It was white chocolate chips, melted and mixed with crushed oreo cookies. Turnd out pretty tasty and I will be making that again. You can switch it up too, using different chocolate like mint maybe. Gotta love Pinterest!!

:: After that, I started packing up for my week-long trip, and did the laundry. And Chris tested out our new margarita machine :) It worked just dandy, thank you :) He made margaritas for himself and strawberry daiquiris for me. Since I am allergic to tequila :)

:: So, tomorrow my flight is at 9:15...and I am off to Cincinnati, OH! I will be hanging out with a sales manager named Shaun for most of the week. On Wednesday, I will be going with a sales manager named Pam. So it should be a fun and very interesting week. The purpose of this trip is for me to get a feel for what the life of a sales manager is like...on the road all the time, etc. I don't believe I have ever been to Ohio, so I am looking forward to the week. I will be back in the office Friday afternoon, if flights go according to plan.

:: While I am gone, I will have my Xoom and will still be posting. I will also be checking email if you want to say hello! I will be on the road away from my love, so I will be lonely!!!

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