January 31, 2012

Full day

My first full day in Cincinnati has been very good! Shaun is a great tour guide and conversationalist. We visited one funeral home and it was good to see him in action. We also discussed marketing plans a bit. From there we met a preneed agent for lunch. I tried their special chili 3 ways...chili, spaghetti and cheese. It was ok. Very soupy chili!! From there we met up with Shaun's brother Kevin who also works for our company. I went to visit the US's second largest cemetery with him and it was very impressive. 750 acres of history and beauty. Just gorgeous. Kevin dropped.me off around 4:00 and I hit Macys which is next door to my hotel. Didn't find a darn thing!! Now I am going to enjoy a Cobb salad and then workout a bit later. Early start tomorrow. Being picked up by Shaun at 7:15 and he will deliver me to Pam who I will spend the day with in Columbus. Fun fun!!!

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