February 01, 2012

Long full day

This has been a long day so this will be short! I rode with Pam today and we accomplished a lot. She picked me up at 8:15 and we headed north to Columbus for the day, which was an hour and a half drive. Met with a funeral director; met with a group of funeral directors; had lunch with a preneed agent and then talked business afterward; then headed back but stopped at another funeral home along the way; chatted for awhile and then went to dinner with the funeral director; got back to the hotel at 9:00. So a long full day. Got to see inside a cremation room and saw the "bone cruncher". Interesting times!! I am pooped. It's hard work being on the go all day and driving so much. Makes sitting at my desk all day dealing with my stuff seem a little easier ;) Tomorrow I am back with Shaun to finish up my last day here. Then 8:30 flight home on Friday!

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