January 08, 2012

sunday evening

:: I'm writing this from my new Xoom tablet...how fun! I'm in the living room, watching the Oprah show with Steven Tyler while I type this.  I bought a cordless keyboard to go with the tablet, so I can easily blog from anywhere. Pretty darn cool. And so speedy!!!

:: I scrapbooked on Saturday most of the day...I was able to get four more pages done for the Ellery paid album I've been working on. Moving right along!!

:: We had dinner with Neeley and Lauren on Friday evening at Casa to celebrate him winning the incentive trip at work! He'll be going to Orlando in March...neither Chris nor I were up for this supervisor rotation, but that is ok. I am hoping that I will be up for the rotation on the next trip, which is to ISRAEL!!!!

:: I'm doing fairly well on my eating so far this year, and I am glad. I have lost three pounds so far! Very happy with that. And more to come. Haven't followed the workout plan as close as I should have, but have gotten quite a few workouts in. Today I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and that felt really good.

:: Still reading "Redeeming Love" and it is a shining example of how to unconditionally love someone. Michael is how we should all model ourselves. After I finish reading the book, I want to study a little more on how Michael reacted to things and how Michael loved. It can only make me a better person.

I want to see "We Bought a Zoo"...I've heard so many good things. Maybe hubby and I will do a date night soon, we have a movie gift card!! :)

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