January 10, 2012

life in january

Life in January is just moving along...January is always a bit weird, after all the hub bub of the holidays. But it always feels good to get back to a normal routine, and move on with normal life.

:: Last night, for the college football championship game, we invited a few couples over for a night of fun and fellowship. We had a nice evening! I made sloppy joes, and they bought potato salad and hello dolly bars. The guys gathered up in the theater room and watched the game on the big screen...us girls gathered up in the living room and watched The Bachelor :) And talked...it's always nice to chat with the girls, especially when they are so easy to be with. One reason we bought our house was so that we could entertain more often, and I just love it! Only problem is our pups...well, really just Poppy. Ocho barks a lot when people first arrive, but he settles down and even plays ball with them. Poppy is a different story. She barks and doesn't stop. And she really doesn't like little people...she snipped at Brandon a few times.  So, we'll have to work on that.

:: This weekend is the crop! I am looking forward to it so much! Need to get some stuff ready to work on.  And then next month is the retreat! Three days at Camp Butmann!! So ready for that.

:: I am almost done with Redeeming Love...it is so good. I had it all figured out and then had a big surprise. And then had it all figured out again, and wrong again. I have no idea how this is going to end. I will be sad when it is over. Need to read some of her other books.

:: Speaking of The Bachelor -- not a fan of the bachelor, and really wasn't fond of any of the girls either. Won't be watching any more of the season!

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