January 11, 2012

busy day

Today was a full day...

:: Extremely busy at work...so much to do!

:: Had lunch with my department and the CEO...every year, he goes over the business plan for the year, so we are all on the same page. It was a good time together, and I learned some good stuff. The most exciting thing is that they are about to begin the next phase of renovations. Remember back when they redid our department a few years ago?? Now they are going to do the back half of the building, as well as extend the large meeting rooms. We are also getting a nurse practitioner and that will be an interesting development. And one of the coolest things is that we are getting a "coffee shop"...complete with comfy chairs, glass windows, and goodies. I thought this was pretty darn neat!!!

:: After work, I went with Kathy to visit our coworker Allison in the hospital. She had thyroid surgery this morning and we wanted to check on her. She has a long incision along her neck, and was feeling quite a bit of pain. Hopefully she will heal quickly. Our company chaplain, Ray, was there when we got there, so we all did a little praying for her before we left. We will miss her while she recovers.

:: Now I'm going to do some scrapbook preplanning for the crop this weekend. Fun fun!!!!

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