January 12, 2012


:: Another crazy day at work...December was pretty slow, and it is definitely ramping back up now. Lots and lots to take care of.

:: We participated in a high school fundraiser this evening for dinner...$6 for a sandwich, bag of chips, 2 cookies and a soda. We stayed at work late and then picked it up on the way home. It was so so.

:: Got a bit accomplished on my preplanning last night. Plan on doing more tonight and then I should be ready for Saturday. I am looking forward to scrapping some of our stuff...instead of working on the album I'm getting paid to do. Need a break from that...I'm going to work a few pages from 2004 :) That will be fun!!

:: Blogging from my tablet is sooo fun and easy!

:: I think I am going to make a fruit salad for the crop...and a big bowl of popcorn. That should be yummy!

:: Alrighty...that's all my mind has tonight...

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good blogging, Kelly. I enjoy reading it every day even though I don't leave a comment. Tell Kim hello also.

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