January 05, 2012

thursday five

:: Last night was bunko!! We had such a fun time, as always. Laughter all aroud :) I was responsible for dessert, so I decided to take chocolate chip dip. That's some yummy stuff. I found the recipe on Pinterest, and it was the last yummy thing I enjoyed before starting my new "diet". MMM mm! And it was a hit too! The recipe is here, if you want to make some. You serve it with graham crackers...some people wanted to just eat it with their fingers! (Not advised...)

:: Work is going well...we were slightly slow for awhile, but things are already picking up.

:: They have started building the stone sitting wall around our new extended patio...it is looking so great!! They are also beginning to work on the slab for the extra garage / shop. Things are coming along!!! We'll have our very own oasis soon...

:: Mr. Neeley bought us a bottle of Moscato Bella wine...we enjoyed it this evening, and it is really yummy and sweet. Definitely not on the diet! And the packaging was cute...a lovely french woman on a hot pink scooter!

:: Pastor Moses is coming through town on Saturday and will be stopping in for a visit. Will be very good to see him again!!

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