February 22, 2012

beautiful day

:: Today was gorgeous! Almost 80 degrees! I will take that in February for sure. It was still a tad windy, but overall just glorious.

:: Learned another new way to curl hair on Pinterest today...you take a strand of hair and twist it all the way down. Then you use your flat iron and go over the twist. Makes a loose beachy wave. Need to try that.

:: Wore my new gold and emerald earrings that I bought in Fredericksburg, with my black dress today. Loved it!

:: Finished up the little Audrey Hepburn book that I bought...it was interesting! I want to find a full biography of her now and read more. This one didn't go very deep at all. I enjoyed reading it though. Not really reading much for fun right now, as I am doing two book studies. That takes up a lot of time, especially the one. We do two chapters every week, and they are LONG.

:: Went on a walk this evening, enjoyed the weather and got some exercise...

:: Tomorrow is dance lesson #2!! Can't wait!!!

:: Watched Survivor tonight...that show is just done for me. Not interested at all. Also not interested in The Bachelor. Don't like Ben, so that kind makes the show not as interesting. I do like Emily, who is supposed to be the next Bachelorette. I think her and Brad breaking up was silly, but I am interested to see what she does as the Bachelorette. I will probably watch that one. Right now, all I watch is The Voice. Chris is really into The River. Anyone watching that??

:: Time to go...yes, read for my book study!!!!

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