February 21, 2012

trip pics

I wanted to share a few of the photos we took on our Fredericksburg trip. I forgot our big camera, so we had to make due with the phone camera.

Hondo's, for live music:

The Dirt Devils, live at Hondo's.

Above & Beyond Day Spa, where I enjoyed my hour massage with Daisy.

Chris at the Fredericksburg Brewery, waiting for our table.

Me, at Grape Creek Winery, enjoying a bottle of our favorite wine out on their chilly patio with live music by Jeff Wood.

Me petting Daisy and Jack at the Chisolm Trail winery...miniature donkeys! They were FAT.

We had such a great time! Can't wait to go back...it's our favorite spot!

In other news...

:: Waiting for my Toms ballet flats to arrive. The ones I ordered were too small so had to send them back for a bigger size.

:: Chris told me today that my hair looked sexy! Now that is a compliment!! I curled some strands loosely with my flat iron, and left some straight. Will have to do this more often!!

:: Rode my bike this evening...now a little weezy from the dirt in the air from the windstorm.

:: I've added lots of stuff to my pinterest boards...if you haven't looked in awhile, check them out!

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