February 20, 2012

another Monday

Today was a good day...

: got a lot accomplished at work.
: Curled my ponytail with my flat iron.
: Enjoyed a quiet lunch hour while the pups relaxed in the sun beams.
: Watched two episodes of The Voice...love that show! There is some great talent this year!
: Got the grocery shopping and the laundry done after work.
: Made good progress on my book study reading.
: Worked up the second book study that I will be in charge of, for my department. Those will be happening on Tuesdays. Two book studies at once will be a little overwhelming for me, especially being in charge of one. But, it has to be done by 3/31, so time is of the essence.
: Made eye appointments for me and Aspen.
: Enjoyed the new cd we bought in Fredericksburg of some local talent...a guy named Jeff Wood.

Another full, busy day in the life of me!

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