February 08, 2012

dronda is here!!

Let the fun begin!! :)

I worked this morning from 8:00 - 12:30...then headed to the airport to pick up Dronda Louise!! Her flight was just a little late, and it was so good to see her come off the plane!!! From the airport, we headed for a light lunch at the salad bar at Zookini's and enjoyed talking for a bit.

Our evening was nice and relaxing...tour of the house; looking at scrapbooks; dinner; a little Just Dance...

Poppy was not fond of her at first, and barked quite a bit...but honestly, she has eased up quite a bit, and the barking has been very minimal. Poppy did a lot of sniffing and seemed curious. We will see how she does tomorrow. If anyone can bring Poppy around, it'd Dronda!! Though we just have one more day here before we head to the retreat, so that isn't much time :)

Tomorrow I am off and we intend to have a fun day together!! It will include a stop at Hobby Lobby or Michaels for last minute retreat stuff. Beyond that, we will do whatever strikes our fancy!!

I'm looking forward to another day with my PTS!!!!!

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