February 12, 2012

interesting weekend

I had such a wonderful, wonderful visit with Dronda!!! I certainly do wish that we could see each other more often throughout the year. That's my girl right there!

Thursday, I was off work and we played all day!! We shopped at Hobby Lobby for last minute retreat items, then stopped at my office so I could participate in a one hour book study at lunch. From there, we shopped around at Stokes and Jordan Taylor, since she needed a gift for her boss. Then headed to Target and the mall. It was nice to just bum around town together, chatting and laughing. And later that evening, she was so sweet and treated us to dinner at Cotton Patch!

The whole family enjoyed her visit...even the dogs! Well...Ocho warmed up to her pretty quickly, and she even held him once. Poppy didn't do too badly, honestly. I think if Dronda had been at the house a little longer than a day and a half, she would have won her over. Maybe gotten to hold her. But overall, not too shabby.

Friday morning, we woke up and headed to pick up Kim...and then we headed to our scrapbook retreat at Camp Butman!!! We were so excited...giddy! Eight of us attended, and they all took to Dronda quite nicely. I knew they would. She's the best! Friday I completed 21 pages, and was happy with that. Unfortunately, when I went to bed, my stomach started hurting. A weird, clenching cramping in my upper stomach. This pain proceeded into the entire day Saturday and all day Sunday. Still hurting now. Not sure what it going on, but it really put a damper on my productivity and my fun level!!! I managed to squeak out 8 pages for the Ellery album I'm doing. Sunday I accomplished nothing. However, Dronda finished up her project and worked on my pages :) She did 17 pages total, and I am so grateful to her. They are beautiful!!! So...not the weekend retreat I was hoping for certainly. But I do hope everyone had fun, especially Dronda!

I've barely eaten in two days. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I hope so, work won't be too fun with this pain.

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Anonymous said...

So enjoyed the weekend. Wished you had felt better so that you could have enjoyed the weekend you so looked forward to. Get better PTS!


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