February 26, 2012

friday, saturday, sunday

Another weekend has come and gone!

:: Friday evening, we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Casa with Greg and Lauren...then stopped at Lowes for a few things, and Nikki's for fro-yo!

:: Saturday, Chris worked out in the yard while I scrapbooked...I made it a goal to get my scrapbook-for-hire completed this weekend!!!! I worked diligently all day long, and finished it all up!!! It was such a good feeling when I finished up that last page. :) Chris and Neeley also got started on building the shop/garage!! They put the treated wood along where  the frame will go...off we go!! That evening, Chris, Aspen and I had dinner at Skeet's, then shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Michaels, and TJ Max.

:: Sunday, after church, Chris and I grocery shopped, then had some lunch. I worked on getting the Ellery pages into the scrapbook album. And Chris started something he's wanted to do for a long time...he started the process of making his own wine!!!! Lots of tools and steps, but it is made. Now it sits for 5 days, and then he moves on to the next steps. Too fun! Now we are about to start a new tradition. Chris had the great idea that he and I should start having weekly meetings so we can make sure things are getting done in our home life. Meetings seem to work at work, so we think it will get us organized and productive.

:: Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

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