February 27, 2012

busy week in full swing

Lots and lots going on this week for us...

: Tonight, Aspen had a driving lesson from 6:00 - 8:00. So I left work, picked her up from home, dropped her off at A-OK, swung back by work to pick up Chris, went home and got stuff ready for dinner, then stopped by Walgreens for medicine (Chris has a cold, booo!), then picked Aspen up. Then had to prepare for the book study I'm facilitating tomorrow.

: Tuesday - book study for me at lunch, and then getting my hair cut and grays covered at 5:30!!

: Wednesday - Chris has his book study at lunch.

: Thursday - We have our joint book study, and then our 8:00 dance lesson!!!

: Saturday - Aspen has another driving lesson.

: Sunday - my grandpa Al's birthday!!!

Whew...I'm pooped already! Two book studies is pushing it, honestly. I feel like I just have to read read read and am not really able to soak it all in. One day at a time!!!!!

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