February 28, 2012

full day

:: Today was, yes, super busy at work.

:: Had my book study at lunch and it went well. Everyone had productive things to share. Four more to go!

:: Had my hair done after work. Trimmed about an inch and a half off, and then layered it with the razor. Feels so healthy now. It had gotten so incredibly long. It was to about the middle of my back. Even in a ponytail, I would lean on it in a chair and it was driving me crazy! We decided, for my first hair color experience, to take a subtle approach. She did a partial highlight job, two tones lighter than my natural color. The color looks very nice, I like it a lot. Next time I will probably go a little more noticeable. But there are still grays showing. I thought highlights covered grays, but now Mimi is telling me that you have to completely color your entire head of hair with color, and highlight as you go if you want highlights. Hmmm. This will do for this time, and we'll discuss further before the next time!

:: Handing off my Ellery scrapbook tomorrow, for it to be delivered! Now is the time...will she like it? Hope so!!!!

:: Ocho is laying beside me, bundled up in his favorite turquoise blanket. Love that guy.

:: Still waiting on my Toms to be delivered. I had returned them for a bigger size, and so I wait. Hopefully soon!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

No doubt about it ~ she will love the scrapbook!!!


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