February 29, 2012

today's entry

:: Having salisbury steak tonight with mashed potatoes and salad. Yum! It smells very good. Waiting on the girls to get home from church and then we can eat!

:: Need to watch The Voice from the other night...I got caught up over the weekend, but Chris wanted to watch The Bachelorette on Monday instead. Yes, I said Chris :)

:: Delivered the Ellery album after work...done deal!!!!

love my husband!!!!!

:: My department took a walk this afternoon at 3:00 for a break, which was nice! The weather was beautiful...75 degrees!! Only bad thing was...a fifteen minute walk in high heels isn't the greatest thing for your footsies!! Then we came back and got to work, and I decided to send out one of my employees for a Sonic drink run. Yum! Cherry limeade slush for me. What a treat! And it brought a smile to everyone's face too!

:: Think I will go flip through my new J Crew catalog...their color combos are crazy, but kind of inspiring!

P.S. The above addition about "husband" is what happens when you walk away from your blog entry... :) I left it though, cuz it's so dang true!!

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