March 04, 2012

fairly relaxing

We had a pretty good weekend here...fairly relaxing!

:: Friday evening, we went to dinner at Famous Dave's. Afterwards, we went over to visit friends and then went to Guitars to dance. We danced danced was a fun evening!!

:: Saturday, after sleeping a little late, Chris worked out in the garage and I cleaned the house. Then, later in the evening, we had dinner at Chili's and ran a few places. Bought the two dvds of the last Harry Potter, and came home to watch the first one. It was ok. It was extremely dark, and was difficult to see a lot of what was happening. Which kind of defeats the purpose. I'm sure they can make it dark and scary without being like that. We'll see how the second one is.

:: Sunday, after church, we did the grocery shopping. I am excited, I am going to make one of my step dad Pat's recipes that I have never tried. Fonda emailed it to me, and I will be attempting Pasta con Broccoli on Tuesday. It has three sticks of butter...yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finished cleaning the house. Read for my book study.

:: The upcoming week will be busy, but not quite as busy as last week. Though I do have bunko on Wednesday and the crop on Saturday! All fun stuff. Eye appointment on Tuesday and then I can order some new contacts. I'm on my last contact for the right eye, and it has a small tear in it. It's driving me crazy and giving me headaches. I've been wearing my glasses a lot!

:: Today is my grandpa Al's birthday!!!! Happy birthday to such a sweet, special man. He has always been a blessing in my life...he taught me so much growing up. I love you grandpa!!!!!

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