March 05, 2012

seven to start the week

:: Today I rocked some cute curly hair! I love the curls that the flat iron creates...and they stay in forever. They never fall out. Can't beat that!

:: I have my reading done and my questions answered for my book study tomorrow. Then I can begin reading my two chapters for my Thursday book study.

:: Made delicious homemade pizza tonight for dinner, it was quite yum!!! Lots of cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, black olives, and green onion. Mmm mmm.

:: I show that my Toms ballet flats have shipped! It took awhile for the exchange in size, but I am happy to know that they are on their journey here. Can't wait to wear them, they are so cute!

:: Watched The Bachelor : Women Tell All -- all it really did is make me dislike groups of women. When they all start talking at once, it's just a droning noise that no one wants to listen to. Griping and complaining and being mean to other women. What is the point? If Ben picks Courtney, he deserves all the drama that his life will know. It's a clear cut choice, but then, I'm not a huge fan of Ben at all. And I really like Lindsi. Do I want her to end up with him???

:: This weekend is the crop and I am looking forward to it. I am going to work on sizing photos for printing and getting that all ready. Not in the mood to scrapbook, and need a break after finishing up my scrapbook-for-hire. This will be a nice change of pace, and is something that needs to be done.

:: In my downtime between reading two different book studies, I am reading The Vow. I wasn't going to read anything else, but really decided that I needed something to break up the intense information overload I am taking into my brain. I need a little break. It's a good book, and such a sad story. I can't imagine Chris losing his short term memory (say, perhaps of the last 10 years) and not knowing me at all. Not realizing that we were married. The book is like an autobiography and is very fact oriented. I want to see the movie and see how the spin it into a story screenplay. My thought is they have to add a lot. If I can talk into Chris into seeing it, I will be able to compare :)

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