February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!!

The day of love! Hope you had a great one!

Mine was good! Chris "spilled the beans" a few days ago and let me know that he is whisking me away to Fredericksburg this weekend for a Valentine getaway!! I am very excited! We will leave Friday after work and come home on Sunday...it's our favorite spot, and the best part is that we know what we like there and can't just kick back and relax! Chris has some "plans" there so we shall see. :) So...we exchanged beautiful cards today, and I gave him some candy and a red Casio watch. He has quite the watch collection now...the Casio watches are cheap, and he has the cream and the turquoise...and now the red! Honestly, probably the cheapest thing he has ever liked or wanted :) Aspen got a bag of goodies too...magazine, two books, a cute cross bracelet, candy. Mimi gave us a bottle of yummy wine! And me a cute frame and a pair of yoga pants. Great day for all involved!

I'm also feeling better...some pain today, but manageable and getting less and less.

More book study reading to do! Very long chapters, and we're doing two at a time. Until tomorrow...

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