February 15, 2012

hump day

:: This work day was hectic and a tad on the insane side...lots and lots going on. Trying to keep my head above water!!

:: We are growing mint, and it smells so good!

:: Book study tomorrow! Should be a good lunch.

:: Tomorrow evening, there will be no blog :) Chris and I are taking a 4 week dance lesson!! Very excited!! We are doing it with 3-4 other couples that we know. Not sure what we'll be learning or when, but it will be great to learn to have rhythm as a couple!! I will have stories for sure! Our lesson is at 8:00, so it will be late when we get home.

:: Poppy is curled up on the cushions on the back of the couch...her favorite place!

:: Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and chopped salad tonight for dinner...yum!

:: Trying to watch Survivor...whew. A bunch of women together just makes my skin crawl sometimes! All that bickering and being rude to one another! It really does not need to be like that!

:: I'm reading about Audrey Hepburn...interested in her story. Should be interesting!!

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