March 19, 2012

back to normal

:: Spring Break is over...our company's incentive trip is over...Aspen is back to school, all of our employees are back to work. Life returns to normal.

:: Seems like everyone really had a great time in Orlando for the Disney happy to hear everyone's stories!

:: Was able to watch The Voice tonight, when it actually aired. Yay! Good show, and most of my picks made it through.

:: Today was my boss Jeff's birthday! I made him some homemade peanut butter cookies and they turned out pretty good. My department enjoyed them during our 3:00 party.

:: I finished my Tuesday book study reading on Sunday so it has been sooooo nice having this evening to relax and NOT rush through the reading to get it done. Now on to Thursday's reading!

:: I was excited this year to see lots and lots of people wearing their green on Saturday!!! Most people barely acknowledge the holiday, so it was a treat!! Not to mention that it's my favorite color, so seeing it in masses is great for the senses!! :)

:: Time for relaxing, such a novelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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