March 18, 2012

weekend share

Well, we've had a full weekend! Yet not quite as full as expected.

Friday evening, we had dinner at Zookinis. Saturday, Chris got up bright and early to work on prepping our dirt yard for 20 pallets of sod that were supposed to be delivered that morning. He worked hard and got it all ready. Our landscaper came by and marked off the sprinkler heads and hooked up the sprinkler system to the control panel. All set. However, the sod was not delivered. Their harvesting machine broke down, and they were only able to harvest half the sod. They were going to fix the machine and get the delivery to us on Sunday around noon.

So, in the meantime, Chris worked on getting his first batch of homemade wine into their bottles!!! It is quite a process, but he was so proud when he finished. About 27 bottles of wine! And it is very tasty too. Now it sits for 6-12 months to get happy. I need to work up a label for it!! Here he is, Mr. Winemaker, with his bottles! He made the wine, bottled it, and corked it all on his own!

And here he is with the industrial rake he borrowed from our neighbor, for extreme dirt moving capabilities :)

Since the sod was not delivered and I was not having to help lay it, I watched two episodes of The Voice to catch up and worked in my scrapbook room. I accomplished quite a bit, and had fun doing it. Love my scrapbook room!! And that evening, I bought a little something in honor of St. Patty's Day:

An adorable Kelly Green scrapbook. Can't wait to fill it!! :)

We had dinner at Casa Saturday evening, and then enjoyed some Nikki's! Then came home to watch the very last Harry Potter movie. Aspen and I were confused with the ending because we don't think it was the same as the book? I'm going to have to reread the last few chapters to compare.

Sunday, we stayed home from church for the sod delivery...and yes, no sod delivery. It's now 2:33 and still no sod. So we shall see. I did get the grocery shopping done, and made some peanut butter cookies for my boss' birthday party tomorrow. Oh, and captured this sweet photo of Poppy...she is our photogenic girl!

So, we are puttering around and waiting. If it doesn't come today, we'll at least have gotten some smaller things out of the way!!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!!

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