March 15, 2012


:: Chris found out around 4:00 that he had to go to a business dinner this he didn't get to enjoy my yummy crockpot meal! But, he's having Copper Creek, which I am sure is much much better!

:: We are meeting at 8:00 for our dance lesson...can't wait to see what we learn tonight! Lesson #6.

:: Two book studies out of the I can read some for fun! I am enjoying my new book so far. We'll see how it goes.

:: I received my order of 104 photos from Winkflash today, yippie! I love tearing open the package and looking through all the photos. We have so many good ones! And I can already envision my scrapbook pages :)

:: I'm feeling tired from this time change. It's really hard to get up in the morning. Especially since it is so dang dark! But it has been nice having it stay light longer in the evenings. That sure does help.

:: I've got about 40 minutes until I need to leave for dance, so I think I will relax!!!!!

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