March 14, 2012

hump day

:: Today was just another day...lots going on at work. I have been trying to focus more and to stop multitasking. It is very difficult in my current position. My email dings and I am off in another direction immediately. I need to focus!!!! Anyone have any good tips on how to quit multitasking???

:: Too-much-reading. It is never as fun to HAVE to read, or to read what someone tells you to. I love to read. So I know if I am overwhelmed with the sheer amount of two book studies, other must be really struggling!

:: Mimi and Aspen should be home tomorrow from their visit with Mimi's sister. I have really enjoyed a few days of just me and hubby!

:: Right now my toenails are navy blue with glitter on top.

:: Anyone doing anything fun for St. Patty's day?

:: We are having sod delivered on Saturday. We got a really fabulous deal on it, so we have decided to do that instead of hydro-mulching. We're doing it now so it has some time to root before it get scorching hot in the summer. The bad thing is that we have to install it ourselves. Oi. We are so used to dirt, it will look so different with grass! Right now we are just doing the front yard. Our landscaper still needs to finish up our fountain and the flower beds in the back yard. His mom has been very sick and having surgery, etc. They we'll do grass in the back and get a fence. Slow progress...

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