March 13, 2012

a post for today

:: We watched the finale of The Bachelor last night...I decided before last night that I really liked Lindzi, and since I am not a big Ben fan, I didn't want him to choose her. So I was good with his choice to pick Courtney. Since he wouldn't listen to anyone's warnings, he deserves what he gets with her! That took up most of the evening, and the commercials were spent finishing up my reading for the book study today. I did post those two pics of our sweet pups though...aren't they cuties?

:: Chris is watching The River tonight...not my kind of show, I watched a bit of it and it was freaking me out. :) Had to leave the room!!

:: We grilled out this evening and had yummy burgers and purple onions. MMMM!

:: The winners of the incentive trip at work are off for the rest of the week...they leave tomorrow for their fun in Orlando!! Hope they all have a great time!! The office should hopefully be quiet for the next few days!

:: Took the pups on walks this evening...I think it was probably Poppy's first walk ever! She did really great!! She did good on the leash, and seemed interested in where we were going. It hasn't seemed to calm her down any this evening though...she seems more hyper actually!

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