March 11, 2012

puppy share

Over the weekend, at the crop, I worked on sizing lots and lots of photos for printing. I realized that I had only had ONE photo of Poppy printed and scrapbooked!! Yikes! I had a ton more, so I got those sized. Should get the delivery of all 104 photos Friday (not all of them were of Poppy!) :) In doing that though, I realized I haven't taken may photos of either pup in quite awhile. So I set out to take some on Saturday. I got a few that were really cute. These were my two favorites!

Our sweet Ocho...he's going to be 6 years old soon!! He's such a dapper fella.

And Ms. Poppy...the sweet lover girl. She loves sitting up on the back of the couch, behind Chris' neck. She is long, skinny, and crazy! But oh so pretty.

We love our pups!

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