March 11, 2012

spring break

Spring Break is upon us!!!!

This weekend was a good one...Friday, Aspen came home early from school because she wasn't feeling well. So that evening, Chris and I were on our own. We decided to have dinner at a place we hadn't been to in about a year...Wing Stop! We had gotten on a kick there and ended up eating it way too we had a nice break from it and enjoyed it. Will probably be another year before we have it again! But very tasty. Then we stopped at Books a Million to browse for a bit. I bought a new book...the first book in a series by Karen Kingston called Leaving. Hopefully it is great and I will enjoy reading the whole series.

Saturday was crop day!! Instead of scrapbooking, I decided to work on sizing and color correcting photos so I could get another batch printed. Got 104 done and I am ordering them today. Always fun!! It was a wonderful day spent with my girls, as always. After the crop, we headed to a 27th birthday party for a coworker - it was cute, they had a cupcake bar, a hot chocolate bar, a scavenger hunt, and a photo booth! Fun fun. Then we had dinner at Taco Bell.

Sunday, Mimi and Aspen left on our a Spring Break trip to Amarillo, to visit Mimi's sister Pat. They will be traveling until Wednesday, so we have a quiet house all to ourselves for a few days. Yay!! We did some errands, had lunch at Pizza Inn, and are getting things done around the house. Nothing like a good productive Sunday!

Tonight I am going to try a new recipe...cheddar beer soup! Mmm! We had some in Fredericksburg, and I decided I had to find a similar recipe. We will see how it tastes, if it is good I'll post the recipe for you!

Catching up on The Voice...we are so busy through the week, and Chris has been wanting to watch the Bachelor it's good to watch it now.

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