March 07, 2012

a day called wednesday

:: Today I took part in a photo shoot! I sat on a floor, surrounded by my scrapbooking supplies, and looked happy and smiley! There were a handful of us being photographed for our upcoming annual report. I am anxious to see the final result.

:: This evening was bunko, and it was fun!! I ended up with a gift card to Michaels, yay! We laughed a lot, and it was also sad because it was one girl's last bunko with us. She is moving to Florida at the end of this month.

:: Finished up my reading for tomorrow's book study.

:: Nearing the end of The Vow...a good story of love. I want to see the movie now...

:: The pasta con broccoli recipe of Pat's was a success! It was fairly easy to make, and everyone seemed to like it a lot. Will have to make it again, and maybe come up with a healthy version (minus the three sticks of butter!!!).

:: Dancing tomorrow! Looking forward to it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Want to see that photo shoot of you surrounded by your scrappy stuff!


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