March 28, 2012


: I can sort of see the light at the end of multiple tunnels!

: Monday and Tuesday evening, we worked on the sod with help from Aspen and Neeley. Tonight, Chris and I worked alone and were able to get a lot done too. We have one pallet left. Yay!!! We would be done, but the guy that delivered the sod laid the pallets all over the yard, so we got stuck quite a few times and had to unload the pallets so we could lay the sod in that area. We did that twice this evening. to go!!! It looks soooo nice! Now to water a ton and watch that water bill go higher and higher!

: One book study ended on Tuesday and the other book study will end tomorrow. So two book studies done. Looking forward to that!!! It was just too much. I love to read, so I can only imagine how the others were feeling!

: have you been?? :) I feel like I've been gone for too long!

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