April 01, 2012

catching up

Life has been busy busy!! I wanted to share a few things...

First off, above is a photo of our front yard with the sod!! It's a done deal, and so glad. Back breaking work, and took days and days. But it looks so nice, and is definitely great to have an instant yard! You might not be able to see the rolling "hills" called burms...but they are there, and add a little depth to our very flat yard.

I also wanted to share this!! Mr. Ocho's birthday is today, and he is 6!! I can't believe it has been six years already...I can't remember life without this little guy!

Chris and Neeley were hard at work Saturday and Sunday, in the 90 degree sun...they got started with the framing of the garage/shop...and they've got it just about ready for the plywood stage.

It's fun to watch it come together, and even better knowing that my man and his friend are making it happen!!

Hope you had a great weekend!! I am looking forward to the week ahead which will have:

:: Dancing on Tuesday instead of Thursday.
:: Easter!

:: Mimi's birthday

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