April 25, 2012

wednesday tidbits

:: Bummed my girl Juliette on The Voice almost went home last night! Yikes. CLo saved her though. She died her hair blonde and to me has lost some of her edge, her self esteem. She needs to go back to her roots and get back to herself.

:: The employees of our company received an employee apprciation gift today!! We each have $50 to spend at Lands' End on clothing with our company's logo!! can't wait to pick out what I want :)

:: I'm into the fourth chapter of The Hunger Games...there's a lot of setting up right now, but so far, it's a good story.

:: Chris tells me that Beyonce was voted Most Beautiful by People magazine???? Not sure I agree with that one!

:: For my birthday, I got a new Fossil purse :) It's an across-the-body, small bag the color of butter. Just gorgeous! I was very excited to use it today for the first time!

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