April 29, 2012

wonderful weekend

I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend!!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I went to a dance :) Our dance instructor is a member of the Slipper Club, a dance club in Abilene. She invited our group to come, so we decided it would be a great place to practice our new moves. We arrived at the Country Club at 6:30 and got a few cocktails. We mingled a bit and had a BBQ buffet dinner. The average age of the members was about 60, so our group was pretty much the youngest in the room. But, they seemed fine with us being there and a few even spoke with us. Very nice. And they gave us a lot of grace on our dancing! Because we discovered that we need many many more lessons!!! But, we are better than we used to be, and it's one lesson at a time! We did the fox trot, the waltz, the swing, the rumba, the two step and the cha cha! And in the middle of it all, our instructor and her husband (also an instructor) danced with us all. It was interesting to dance with someone who dances as easily as they breathe, and it was also interesting how without knowing, I still knew what he was wanting to do next. Our next lesson we will be learning the "leading" cues...the men will learn how to cue us, and we will learn how to read the cues. I think that will be so helpful!!!!

:: Saturday, Chris and I had a lovely day of fun together!!! We started off at the gun range!!!! :) Chris got a gun for Christmas, and he wanted me to get the feel of shooting it. That was interesting! Then, we headed to the Civic Center for free pancakes. Yum!! After our bellies were full, we made a stop at the mall. I found some cute new shirts at Express with my gift card and the third book in my series. Then we went to Lowes for quite a list of things. We ended up finding big flower pots made from whisky barrels...they are awesome!!! We planted lime trees in them and they look great on our back porch.  We got home and I sat on the porch with a glass of ice tea and read lots in The Hunger Games and Chris enjoyed puttering around planting our new stuff. Then we had dinner at Chilis and went to see The Lucky One. It was very good, and right on with the book. We enjoyed it!!!

:: Sunday, unfortunately, Chris left for a business trip...to St. Louis!! He will be there until Wednesday. I already miss him. He left around 11:30 and I finished up The Hunger Games. It was a really good book, and I'm interested to see how they do the movie. Then I did some stuff around the house, went grocery shopping, and spent some birthday money at Dillards...got a cute shirt and a short sleeve sweater cardigan to wear to work. Yay!

:: Back to work tomorrow. Bunko on Wednesday. Chris home Wednesday and dancing on Thursday!!!

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