April 30, 2012

just another manic monday

:: The Voice was so good tonight...my girl Juliet is going to win, I'm telling you! She rocked out tonight and she has IT. Next week is the finale and I can't wait!!

:: Made delicious chicken salad for dinner, my mom's recipe. We always have this when Chris is out of town, because he isn't a big fan of it. I think it was my best yet!

:: Aspen just almost fell off the stool.

:: Chris is having a fun time in St. Louis. Tonight he went to bowl with the group at Flamingo Bowl. He actually did pretty good!!

:: There is a fly in my scrapbook room and it is about to meet my hot pink fly swatter.

:: I started the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy...Catching Fire. I'm not very far in yet, but it is pretty good. Aspen and I both reading it simultaneously, so we are passing it back and forth.

:: A huge storm is supposedly heading straight at us...I'm hoping that it will go around us. Baseball size hail? I am do without that tonight thank you!!!!

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